Vincent Kendlbacher






Research Interest

My research focuses on the description of a novel ciliate-species of the genus Zoothamnium and the search for symbiotic bacteria on its surface or inside its body. For the species-description I try to find morphological characters as well as attributes on a molecular level that differ from all already described Zoothamnium-species. Concerning the symbionts, my goal is to identify them, to find out where and in which quantities they occur on or inside the ciliate and to investigate their morphology.


Education and research activities

08/2022     fieldwork in Piran, Slovenia

Sampling; microscopic studies on living organisms; taking sediment cores; measurement of O2-concentration, salinity, pH and temperature


07/2022     field course in Rovinj, Croatia

(Fauna and Flora of marine environments)


04/2020     B.Sc., Environment and Bioresources Management, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Title: ‘Küsten im Wandel der Erderwärmung’



labwork: DNA-Extraction; PCR; Light-Microscopy

fieldwork: snorkeling; taking sediment cores; Measurement of O2-concentration, salinity, pH and temperature

statistics: R, excel