The blue planet

Our Earth is a warm planet. On its orbit around the Sun, it circles through the icy outer space. At the Earth’s heart is the extremely hot, solid inner core (temperatures are ranging between 4000-5000° Celsius). The outer core is liquid and little bit less hot (3000-5000° Celsius).

The lower part of the mantle, encasing the core, is solid and the middle mantle is liquid, like honey. The upper mantle is solid just like the crust surrounding it. They get cooled by the low temperatures of the outer space.

H. Grillitsch (University of Vienna) changed after Wikipedia (2011)

Looking at the Earth from outer space, the Earth is a blue planet. Water covers 71% of the surface, the remaining 29% are land. Most of the water on Earth is seawater. Only a tiny fraction of water is freshwater. 

Have a look at a world map and you will see the 5 great continents Eurasia, America, Africa, Australia and Antarctica as well the 3 big oceans the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

H. Grillitsch (University of Vienna)