For years I have looked for baby tubeworms on rocks under clumps of tubeworms. Since tubeworm larvae settle in small cracks of rocks and were...


I have been on many research cruises since 1992 when I visited for the first time the volcano on the Pacific Fire Ring with the submersible Alvin....


A special outreach program for children – Life in the Cracks of the Crust - was designed by Monika Bright and will be available in German, English,...


In July 2023 we will be on board of the Falkor (too) of the Schmidt Ocean Institute, looking for the life in the cracks of the crust


Monika Bright will be in the podium discussion after the XXY screening.

12/Jun/2023 20:30, Copa Beach-Skate Park, 22. district www.kurbeln.at


We contribute the genome of Riftia pachyptila and the closed genome of its endosymbiont Candidatus Endoriftia persefone