Charles Roque Figueiredo




Research Interest

I am interested in different animal groups. Currently, I study the shipworm (Teredinidae) community in the Northern Adriatic Sea. In my thesis, I collect shipworms at the Slovenian coast from deployed wooden cubes. The shipworms are identified based on molecular and morphological features. I use different physical measurements of the collected cubes, to better understand their distribution.


Education and research activities

02/2021(3 weeks); 07-08/2021 (6 weeks)

fieldwork in Piran, Slovenia

shipworm sampling


08/2020 (4 weeks)

Internship at Bird Ringing Station-Uebersyren, Luxemburg

bird ringing



B.Sc., Biology, University of Vienna

Title: 'Vertical Stratification of Undergrowth Birds in a Tropical Rainforest in Costa Rica'


11/2018 (2 weeks)

fieldwork for Bachelor thesis at Field Station La Gamba, Costa Rica

bird ringing


07/2018 (4 weeks)

field course, Turkey

sea turtle conservation



labwork: PCR, DNA-Extraction, Microscopy

fieldwork: bird ringing, snorkeling (beginner)

statistics: R, excel

languages: Luxemburgish, German, French, English, Italian (basic knowledge)

others: GIMP