Life in the Cracks of the Crust

A special outreach program for children – Life in the Cracks of the Crust - was designed by Monika Bright and will be available in German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Slovenian.

One of the highlights of LCC are ship to shore connections with schools around the world provided by Schmidt Ocean Institute. The KinderuniWien will also participate. In this special event ‘A journey with the Submersible to the Volcanos of the Deep Sea` will bring together children seven to twelve years old and marine biologists on board R/V Falkor(too). They will learn how a submersible can dive to a volcano in the deep sea and what animals live there. They will see where the scientists work, sleep and eat onboard the ship. This special event will take place on July 12 15.00 CEST. Another highlight is the direct participation of three schools from Europe. The AHS Rahlgasse Wien is one of them. Children of the 5A class with the biology teacher Ulrike Randl-Gadora have been intensively working for the past months on the design of their own underwater experiment. This experiment will be then executed and documented by scientists on board the Falkor(too) with ROV Subastian in the deep sea. Samples will be taken and shipped back to the school for the analyses done by the children.